Protestors Looking to Stop Fracking

Fracking is a natural gas drilling process that is causing quite a commotion. There are currently more than 100 protests attempting to get this process halted. The protests will all take place within the next month and will be spread out from Pittsburgh and New York to Madrid and Paris. Protestors claim that this method of gas drilling pollutes area water and causes illness to consumers.

Scientists do not agree with protestors. The process itself involves injecting water along with sand and various chemicals into the ground in order to break rocks and allow the gas to freely flow. The EPA along with many state regulators feel that fracking is a process that can be done without risk to consumers.

With large volumes of natural gas that has been found in various formations of shale rock, this process has been credited with lowering prices for both consumers and industries and creating new jobs. Those protesting fracking however feel that the risks are simply not worth the benefit. They are highly concerned about the safety of drinking water and what may happen to water supplies in the future if this process is allowed to continue.

Many feel that the increase in jobs and the lower prices of oil are well worth the risks that are associated with fracking. Adding more jobs can help to stimulate the economy which has been in crisis for many years. Lower gas prices will also aid consumers in being able to afford spending in other areas which again, stimulates the economy.

Protestors of the practice however are not to be budged. They feel that current and future water supplies should be protected at all costs and this process should be barred. Regulators feel that any problems with pollution to water or air quality are rare and that fracking does not pose as serious a risk as many believe.

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