Using a Virtual Tour to Show Properties

The technology surrounding virtual tours has made it possible for real estate agents and construction companies to better show locations, homes and landscapes in greater detail than traditional photographs. The incorporation of this technology is used widely in the real estate industry to show construction progress photos as well as virtual tours of homes to [...]

Buying a Home in Another State

Relocating can be hectic, frustrating and nerve-wracking in general. If you are relocating to another state, the experience can be even more confusing. Buying a home in another state often means going to that state more than once before your move to ensure that everything is ready when you get there. If you are relocating, [...]

Australia Housing Market Increase

According to reports from May, 2012, one in every four Australian homeowners are currently looking to invest in new properties. Research done by an Australian finance company showed that almost 30 percent of Australian citizens who currently own their homes are looking to purchase a second home. Of those homeowners, nearly 30 percent have owned [...]