August Unemployment Rates Up in 26 States

In August, the jobless rate has risen in 26 different states although many show much lower unemployment rates than they did just one year ago. Among the states with the highest increase is Nevada. The current jobless rate in Nevada was 12.1 percent in August and Rhode Island comes in a close second with a [...]

Protestors Looking to Stop Fracking

Fracking is a natural gas drilling process that is causing quite a commotion. There are currently more than 100 protests attempting to get this process halted. The protests will all take place within the next month and will be spread out from Pittsburgh and New York to Madrid and Paris. Protestors claim that this method [...]

Australia Housing Market Increase

According to reports from May, 2012, one in every four Australian homeowners are currently looking to invest in new properties. Research done by an Australian finance company showed that almost 30 percent of Australian citizens who currently own their homes are looking to purchase a second home. Of those homeowners, nearly 30 percent have owned [...]

China Expected to Loosen its Grip on World Finances

Timothy F. Geithner, United States Treasury Secretary asked China recently to loosen its grip on the world’s financial system. The request was made in an effort to coax the Asian nation to raise the ceiling on the current interest rates for deposits. China’s growth directly depends on financial sector reforms and growth in China directly [...]