August Unemployment Rates Up in 26 States

In August, the jobless rate has risen in 26 different states although many show much lower unemployment rates than they did just one year ago. Among the states with the highest increase is Nevada. The current jobless rate in Nevada was 12.1 percent in August and Rhode Island comes in a close second with a 10.7 percent unemployment rate.

California has the third highest rate at 10.6 percent. Twelve states along with the District of Columbia have actually seen decreases in their unemployment numbers when compared with July’s numbers and twelve states reported no change at all.

The report issued will be analyzed to see what if any impact it may have on the current presidential campaign. The largest impact is expected to be seen in 12 states which are considered key in the campaigns. These states include Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina.

Of the twelve, North Carolina, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and Michigan currently have unemployment rates that are well above the national average of 8.1 percent for August. Michigan saw an increase in August of 0.4 percent, up to 9.4 percent overall. Seven of those twelve states saw sharp increases in August when compared with July, although most are seeing decreases over the numbers for the same months last year. Unemployment rates remain lowest in the Midwestern states and highest in the Western region of the nation.

The only swing state that experienced a decrease in jobless rates for August was Colorado where rates fell from 8.3 percent in July down to 8.2 percent in August. President Barack Obama is showing a major lead in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Iowa which makes it essential for Romney to take Ohio and Florida in the polls. He plans an Ohio tour during the next few weeks and will begin touring Colorado as well.

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